Tenor - Adam Marangakis

ADAM MARANGAKIS may be Greek to you but he’s an all-American musical success story, with a solid background in musical theater and film. Starting way back in 2010 (I was only, um, six years younger), Adam began with the Santa Monica Oceanaires, while also performing in Gypsy, Bye Bye Birdie, Pippin and others, some student films, and playing the saxophone. He is an admirer of such quartets as Storm Front, Vocal Spectrum and The Beatles, as are we all, but he is more than an observer/listener, counting several foursomes on his resume, most recently West Coast Ringers. He is glad that tenors are in such high demand.

Adam sings tenor in the 9 time international chorus championships The Masters Of Harmony. He is ecstatic to be part of “the best chorus in the Society.” He is the only Barbershopper in his family, but his father was in a band and inspired Adam with his own singing almost every night.

Vocationally, after some time at Santa Monica Community College studying film and theater, Adam is on a break from studies and working for a company that sells electronic video doorbells. Not as New Age-y as it sounds, the product is a direct link from an interactive home surveillance camera to your cell phone wherever you are, so it’s “like you're home even when you’re not." Check out Ring Video Doorbell for Your Smartphone Ring. Very cool.

Adam’s goal is eventually to return to college, concentrating in physical therapy. Meanwhile, he plays volleyball, chess, and poker with anyone willing to supplement his income.