Bass - Martin Fredsrom

•Martin was Born in Van Nuys, California; married to Tresa; lives in Tustin, California •Education: Graduated from high school in Tucson, Arizona; majored in Radio/TV at the University of Arizona; received emergency medical care certification at Pima College and worked as a paramedic. •Musical Background: Sang in high school and church choirs; experienced church organist; trained in keyboard, guitar, bass guitar and drums. •Jobs/Career: Martin worked in radio broadcasting and as an MC and disc jockey for various entertainment venues. Once employed at Tandy Corp. as a technician. Has spent the last 25 years in technology operations and support, primarily in the financial sector. •Hobbies/Interests: History buff (WWII a specialty), Constitutional law wonk, background talent performer, film buff, cruise fanatic •Other Chapters: Martin sang with the Scottsdale and Phoenix chapters from 1985-1991. Served as Music Vice President, Bulletin Editor, Bass Section Leader, and Associate Director. Front line Director for San Gabriel, Inland Cities and South County Sound chapters (various tenures (1992-2015) •Current Chapter: Joined the Santa Fe Springs Chapter (Masters of Harmony) in 1992; earned 6 Gold medals (1993, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2011) singing bass; served as a Board Member at-Large (1995-1996); Audition Coordinator (1994-1997); shared Quartet of Year awards with L.A. Sound (2000) with Tom Nichols, Kevin Soto and Wayne Mendes, and Hi-Fidelity (2005) with Craig Ewing, Tom Moore and Gregg Bernhard. •Quartets – The following list summarizes Martin Fredstrom’s quartet activity over the years (in no particular order): •Hi-Fidelity received numerous quartet titles: SoCal West Quartet Champion (2002, 2004, 2005), SoCal East Quartet Champion (2003), and Far Western District Quartet Champion (2005-2006). Buckeye Invitational Grand Champion (2002), Harmony Sweepstakes National Champion (2006), and Pan Pacific Champion (2008) •SoCal East Champion 184 (2018) with Bryan Sandberg and Brad Kelso; Center Court with Brad Kelso, Drew Lang and Steve Pence •The City Boys with Drew Lang, David Phinney and Peter Trist •The Debonaires with Drew Lang, Doug Kendrick and Wayne Mendes •On Location with Ken Custer and Gregg Bernhard •Vocal Union with Ken Potter and Gregg Bernhard. •District: Assistant Webmaster •Society: Certified Performance Judge (2013), Performance Category Board of Review (2020)